Cubes in Space Student Winners

Congratulations to Mrs. DeCaprio and her 6th grade "Cubes in Space" students, who were among a select group of students in the U.S. and abroad who were selected to have their designed science experiments to go up to space in either a research balloon or NASA rocket this summer.

Cubes in Space™ (CiS), a global STEAM-based education program for students (ages 11-18), provides a free opportunity to design and compete to launch an experiment into space on a NASA rocket or scientific balloon. This is the first time Charter participated and three proposals, one for each section of science classes were selected.

Thank you to all the teachers who shared their classrooms while those students used many enrichment times last week to revise & complete their proposals. You all helped them get there! Thanks goes to all the 6th graders for supporting their classmates in this endeavor. Here are the members of the winning teams:

  • Brianna Meyer
  • Brandon Van Orden
  • Lee Weingartner
  • TJ McQueen
  • Esme Clark
  • Chloe Schadegg
  • Jacob Abraham
  • Taylor Schoenfeld
  • James Vega
  • Alyssa Davis
  • Travis Barnitt
  • Robert Misskerg
  • Cooper Mateja
  • Zach Gathright

Kudos to them for their efforts & dedication - we are very proud of them! Please stay tuned for more to come as we prepare the cubes for their launches.