Charter School Inspires Students to Pursue Careers in Engineering

News05172013Callie Teufert says she has been interested in Engineering since graduating from the Sussex County Charter School for Technology in 2011.

Now, Callie is part of Skills USA, an organization working cooperatively with teachers, industry professionals, and students like her to make sure the United States helps students succeed as part of a skilled workforce. Teufert says her Skills USA team has taken home gold medals in the Automated Manufacturing competition which uses Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) and Manufacturing (CAM) to design electronic 3-D models. Teufert attributes her science teachers, including Mr. John Domaracki from the Sussex County Charter School for Technology, for her passion for and understanding of science, technology, engineering and math.

She recently visited the Charter school to present Mr. Domaracki with a pin to thank him for all he has done to inspire and encourage her to pursue a technical career.

"Mr. Domaracki has been instrumental to the engineering program at the Charter School," said Jill Eckel, Administrative Principal of the Charter School. "The combines knowledge of both Math and Science to build bridges that withstand real weight, mousetrap car designs that race for distance, and hot air balloons that compete for height. Students like Callie Teufert sometimes even combine their technical and AutoCAD skills to design and create a functional object of their choice, using real engineering tools."