Sussex County Charter School Students Learn How to Code During Computer Science Week

Each of the 225 middle school students at the Sussex County Charter School for Technology (SCCST) learned about the fundamentals of computer coding during Computer Science Week, which was held in December.

The public school participated in aspects of a program known nationally as the “Hour of Code.” According to its website,, the program is led by a “public 501c3 non-profit dedicated to expanding participation in computer science by making it available in more schools.” The program’s website lists its partners as including Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the College Board.

“As a school focused on technology, we seek to inspire our students to consider different career options related to innovation,” said Jill Eckel, Administrative Principal of the Sussex County Charter School for Technology. “This is why we took time during class to join one of the largest learning events in history to teach students about computer coding – an extremely important next generation skill.”

In addition to hosting a computer coding event at the Charter School, students who were interested in computer science were able to sign up for an extra coding class for three weeks. The class focused on engaging students in high-interest coding activities and provided them with the opportunity to connect 21st century skills such as problem solving and critical thinking with technology and creativity.