Sussex County Charter School for Technology PTO Pasta Dinner and Raffle Night 2015

To all of the Families, Businesses, and Organizations for their Generous Contributions
~ Without your donations this event would not be possible.

To all of the Volunteers who gave their time and talents to make this evening a success
~ You are the heart & soul of Charter.

To all of the Attendees who purchased tickets to spend a night in support of our school
~ We hope you have as much fun as we did and hope to see you again next year.

The PTO would like to thank all of the unbelievably generous donors to the 2015 Pasta Dinner & Raffle Night event! It is going to be an Amazing night! Please see the attached list of all of the event sponsors to date. Thank you to all of the Charter Families who donated. And please remember to thank business owners for supporting your child's school when you do business with them.

SCCST 2015 Event Donor List

We would also like to send a very special thank you to:

2015 Pasta Dinner & Raffle Night Committee & Volunteers

Kristen Bishop
Fred Block
Teri Block
Connie Bolzan
Mary Boutillette
Theresa Braithwaite
Alise Clancy
Bobby Jo Corey
Frank D’Angelo
Mary D’Angelo
Steve Eckel
Leslie Glick
Donna Hurley
Annmarie Klein
Teena Koeppel
Hillary Kotlarz
Judy LeRoy
Cherie Macciachera
MaryAnne Mach
Lillian MacRae
Carol Menber
Debra Nydam
Lisa Hamler-Santarpia
Mari Schetting
Davida Schnebelen
Renee Scrowcroft
Colleen Smarth
Brett Touw
Susan Touw
Denise Traut
Leah VanSweden
Heidi Vanderhoof
Kristen Walters
Beth Ziba
Mrs Eckel and the Staff of SCCST for your continued support of the PTO