Charter School Receives Visit From Google Expeditions Program

The Google Expeditions program visited the Sussex County Charter School for Technology on November 10 to provide training and mini-lessons to students and teachers. Through virtual reality, the Google Expeditions program allows students to go to places they typically couldn’t afford to go to for field trips, such as coral reefs, pyramids, museums, and outer space. The one-of-a-kind program provides high-tech panoramas with information, 3D pictures, videos, and engaging questions for students.

Teachers were able to choose an adventure for their students and then program the field trip to include specific content and points of interest that are important to the curriculum. Students were able to discover the content on their own and together as a class while guided by a teacher.

In particular, seventh grade students at the Charter School are currently learning about Ancient Rome in Social Studies and how to write historical narratives in their Language Arts classes. Because of Google Expeditions, these students were able to take an interactive field trip to Rome to see the Coliseum, the Pantheon, and other important architecture in the city and then begin to write about their experience through a historical narrative of their own.

“As a school with a focus on technology and innovation, we are excited to have Google Expeditions partner with us to successfully incorporate the latest tools available in educational software and apps into our classrooms,” said Noreen Lazariuk, Executive Director of the Charter School. “This new virtual reality program allowed us to offer even more challenging technology opportunities and field trips to our students in fun and memorable ways.”

The Expeditions technology worked with 18 classes at the Charter School throughout the day, and a representative was at the school working with teachers and students to train them on the program and the Expeditions app.

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